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Where brands are created.

TLSL Brands is the parent company for some of the world’s greatest e-commerce products. We also invest in
the entertainment industry such as films. 
Since 2014 we have been partnering with the innovators, entrepreneurs,
and startups transforming their businesses. For more information, please contact us at here.

Working at TLSL Brands is exciting! We are always on the lookout for innovative people to help grow our brands,
including –TLSL, VoilaVe, Origami Craze, Louisville Software Development, Emagine Products, Lit Flips, Dargan Oil,
Argan Man and Scents of the Zodiac. Our innovation is inspired by the workforce here at TLSL. It is their passion and
innovative thoughts hold who we are as a company. Join TLSL, and help us leave the world better than we found it.

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